C. scott - the warm cut ep

Since 1914, Cape Cod has been separated from the mainland by the Cape Cod Canal . The canal cuts miles ( km) roughly across the base of the peninsula, though small portions of the Cape Cod towns of Bourne and Sandwich lie on the mainland side of the canal. Two highway bridges cross the Cape Cod Canal: the Sagamore Bridge and the Bourne Bridge . In addition, the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge carries railway freight and limited passenger services onto the Cape. Cape territory is divided into 15 towns with many villages.

I can’t recall a film more obsessed with details and yet less studious to the particulars of its own visual logic. Scott’s aesthetic systems are collaborative, stuffed with ornamentation, secrets, and shadows. But one place doesn’t connect to another: mise-en-scène in Scott’s 2019 is full of spatial inequities and nonsense. You don’t know where that husky conversation over a bowl of noodles in an alleyway fits in relation to Tyrell’s Mayan fortress, or Deckard’s drowsy apartment. The spaces ramble in Scott films, like monologues. The streets in Blade Runner are visual narrations, dreamy, disjunct, and impersonal. They are flawed by the standards of logic.

C. Scott - The Warm Cut EPC. Scott - The Warm Cut EPC. Scott - The Warm Cut EPC. Scott - The Warm Cut EP